1. Design and implementation of image processing lab module, Aras Robotic Lab, Tehran, Iran, 2013
  2. Design and implementation of two rotor test stand, instrumentation lab, K.N Toosi University of Technology, 2013
  3. Project manager and senior designer of educational laboratory equipment for instrumentation. Rayan Nik Co. Ltd. 2014-2016

The educational sets for control and instrumentation lab I have developed for Rayan Nik Co. Ltd. All the modules comprised of three main parts, Microcontroller parts (to send and recive sensory datan and control system to computer), Input/output to access the data of sensors and the main module which based on the module are different.

Servo motor control and rotational sensors educational set
Force sensor and strain gauge educational set
Proximity sensors and stepper motor educational set
Furnace temperature control and temperature sensors set
Image processing education set
Two rotor angle control for control lab