I love he poetry and have written several poems and short stories for childern. Here are some examples of my poems:


We’ll pass each other

Like two galaxies

What a pity to be an encounter between us

We reach each other

Like two clouds

What a pity there would be rain

We rise up toward the sky

Like the waves of the sea

What a pity if we rest in the same beach

And we look

It’d be a pity if our sight was in the same direction


The Ice Age

The restless sea

Became a lonely beach finally

And the old tree

Took all his roots out of the ground

To be lost forever

The wind always blowing from the same side

Is wandering in blind alleys

And the earth

Is looking up at the sky

With blurry eyes

It’s the ice age

No words is reaching from you to me or me to you

And all the words are frozen in the air


The maze of memory

In the maze of memory

You passed through my imagination

I led you to the fantasy

And the fantasy flew away

We crossed the blue borders of the dream

And you took me to the green depth of essence

Where a white silence was singing

We collapsed to each other

And then started lightening

We glowed, till we reached the universe

And I led you to the fantasy



Oh pharos, moon is a repetitive delusion

Laughing at us for long centuries

This pale lure, has always been drawing the brave hearts

Drowning them in the vortices of an image on the water